Shining a Spotlight on Smallman Galley

Established in 2015, Smallman Galley was the creation of two former U.S. Navy lieutenants who were inspired by their time spent traveling the world and experiencing the cuisine of many different cultures. They opened their own innovative food hall as a way to showcase talented local chefs and help to accelerate the often difficult process of opening your own restaurant. Four years later, their bustling food hall boasts several unique restaurants, coffee and cocktail bars, as well as indoor and outdoor seating for 200 people.

Chefs of the four restaurant spaces at Smallman Galley are free to design their own menu, staff their business, and create their own following by interacting with guests and celebrating the meals that bring us all together. Chefs stay at Smallman Galley for up to one year, and right now the hall features the culinary genius of Chef Tim Dominick of Ba-Co, Chef Hoa Le of Banhmilicious, Chef Philip Milton of Home, and Chef Pete Tolman of Iron Born.

These four restaurants are unique in their own right, featuring food from all over the world. At Ba-Co, guests can indulge in authentic Latin-American cuisine, while over at Banhmilicious, Chef Hoa Le serves up organic, farm-to-table Vietnamese classics. For those who are looking for down-home comfort food, Home has got you covered with their menu full of childhood favorites like hushpuppies, chicken pot pie, and gourmet-style meat and potatoes. Last but certainly not least, you can always grab a slice (or pie) of hand-forged pizza with toppings galore at Iron Born.

If you’re just looking to grab a drink, Smallman Galley is an excellent place for that as well. Enjoy half-off happy hour every weekday from 5-7 PM, and unwind from work with delicious cocktails like their Over Easy, featuring a blend of white rum, pineapple, lime, coconut, and tropical fruit.

Smallman Galley has truly got something for everyone, and best of all, it’s just a five-minute walk from the Cork Factory. Head over to their website today to take a look at their menus, check out their hours, and plan a group outing to take advantage of all they have to offer.

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