Resident Spotlight: Luke Harris

Luke Harris has an eye for Pittsburgh. The native Steel City photographer specializes in urban landscapes, architecture, and structures consumed by nature. Harris finds beauty in the industrial aesthetic of his surroundings, capturing unique angles and perspectives. From the mirrored reflections of puddles to sepia skies looming over Pittsburgh’s signature brick, the city through his lens is truly stunning.

After residing at The Cork Factory, the self-taught artist says his favorite part of Pittsburgh is "the people first and foremost." With an eye for infrastructure and landscape, he also enjoys the bustling and inclusive community, as well as the architecture, amenities, and neighborhood feel of The Cork Factory.

"The Strip is just such a great area of town where people of all different walks of life can come together and enjoy a great time of shopping, restaurants, street performers and a sense of Pittsburgh pride."  We couldn't agree more!

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