Check Out the 36th Annual Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix

For 36 years, the people of Pittsburgh have enjoyed the array of events that occur during the Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix (PVGP). Founded in 1982, with the first race being held the following year, the PVGP Association was comprised of car-lovers from a variety of different organizations with a single purpose – to unite enthusiasts from all over to race vintage classic cars for a cause. Over the years, the event has grown into ten days of activities and events for everyone to enjoy.

Events for All

The Historics at the Pitt-Race Complex attracts racers from all over the United States and is a spectacular showcase of vintage cars of all types, speeding through a fierce competition. Since 2004, racers from across the U.S. have accelerated through this 2.8-mile track in legendary classics including Jaguars, BMWs, Mustangs, and Alfa Romeos.

With a donation, you can even hop in a race car and enjoy being escorted on a lap around the track. The Car Cruise at the Waterfront is a great opportunity to witness more than 500 cars on display while the International Car Show boasts over 3,000 cars! For those wanting to participate rather than just spectate, check out the Countryside Tour, which takes riders on a scenic tour of Western Pennsylvania.

Entertainment for a Good Cause

These events offer something for everyone and, as mentioned above, your attendance contributes to something even bigger. The PVGP Association’s mission is to “raise funds to help provide residential care, treatment, & support for autistic and intellectually/developmentally disabled individuals.” So far, over $5 million has been raised.

So, review their calendar, pick your event(s), have a wonderful time, and feel amazing that you’re helping their cause!

Residents at The Cork Factory love partaking in The Pittsburgh Vintage Grand Prix’s numerous events. Contact us to learn more about becoming a part of our community today!