After Almost 50 Years, The Pittsburgh Ballet Continues to Shine

The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre has been a staple of the performing arts scene since its creation in 1969. They share their love and passion for ballet by putting on over 50 performances a year locally in Pittsburgh and on tour.

A Little Bit About PBT

Originally founded by Nicolas Petrov, a Yugoslavian choreographer, and Loti Falk, an advocate for the arts, The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre (also known as PBT) has grown to become critically acclaimed with an ever-expanding repertoire. The company of dancers is quite diverse and is made up of 30 individuals from six different countries, exemplifying The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre’s international reach. The current season is close to an end, but be sure to try and catch one of their last shows in May. Plus, with the 2018-2019 season starting up on August 19th with “Ballet Under the Stars”, an outdoor performance held at Hartwood Acres Park, you’ll definitely have something to look forward to!

Ballet Programs

Known for being one of the best dance schools in the country, The Pittsburgh Theatre School trains over 1,200 students of all ages in ballet, providing them with the foundation needed to become professional dancers. They even provide an invitation-only program for high school students, accepting an average of 200 out-of-state and international students each year. Click here to learn more about the different school-year and summer programs that they offer.

Community Classes

The Pittsburgh Ballet Theatre also holds a variety of dance and fitness classes, covering all skill levels for teens and adults in the community. You can choose from yoga, pilates, barre fitness, ballet, hip-hop and more! Plus, since the classes are available for drop-ins, you’ll always have flexibility when picking a class. Check out their online schedule and enjoy your first class for free!

The Pittsburgh Ballet is less than a mile from The Cork Factory, making it a quick 15-minute walk whenever you want to take a class or learn more about this cultural gem in the Strip District.

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