Marvel at Amazing Wildlife at The National Aviary

Did you know that The Cork Factory is just ten minutes from the country's only indoor nonprofit zoo dedicated to birds?

We're talking about theĀ National Aviary, and it opened in 1952.

It is known as one of the first zoos to allow its animals to move about in freestyle rooms and natural exhibits, and the aviary states that its mission is to inspire respect for nature through an appreciation of birds.

There is much to see and do, and highlights include:

Penguin Point

Penguin Point is a 1.7 million dollar exhibit that takes visitors on an exciting journey to the rocky shores of South Africa. It's one the aviary's most popular areas, and it is home to twenty African penguins that entertain the crowd by squabbling, scaling rocks, and waddling along the water's edge.

The exhibit is also home to a flock of smews. This daring duck species often steals fish during feedings, sometimes right out of a penguin's beak.

Throughout the year, the aviary hosts penguin painting events. Guests who participate in this program can watch the animals paint the masterpieces with their feet, and take home one of their unique creations.

Condor Court

Condors are impressive birds as their ten-foot wingspan makes them one of the largest raptors on the globe. They call the high mountain regions between Patagonia and Venezuela home, and this is the only place in North America where visitors can see two pairs of Andean condors.


Birdly is a fun, interactive experience that allows visitors to fly like a bird through New York City. Flights are booked in ten-minute increments, and you will control the simulator by flapping your arms using hinged wings.

The National Aviary is just one of the attractions near our apartments in Pittsburgh. PleaseĀ contact us to schedule a tour of our community.